Corporate Profile

Company Name Air Business Partners Corporation
President & CEO Mr. Ryo Shinoda
Registered Office #8th Floor, Shinjuku 1-16-10, Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0022, Japan
Contact numbers Phone +81-3-6457-7644
Fax +81-3-6457-7546
Date of Establishment 30 January 2008

Company Overview

Air Business Partners Corporation is a comprehensive Business Development oriented company, which specializes in the Aviation & Military industries.
We are comprised of highly experienced bilingual development and negotiation professionals together with aviation and military business teams knowledgeable respectively about aviation, airlines, defense strategy, defense force management, tourism, and logistics. We have delivered the best possible consulting and marketing services to customers and are developing new business models for local airlines, business jets, passenger or cargo charters, cargo or military logistics, licensed productions, and space utilizations. We continue enhancing those business functions and additionally pursuing any new challenges.

Our Credo

  • We provide customers with sustainable solutions and professional services by retaining industry leading expertise and updated business skills.
  • We contribute to the global society with development of aviation and military business opportunities.
  • We keep the business growing in order to offer carrier opportunities to the labor market.
  • We make efforts to maximize cost efficiency to make a fair profit.
  • We discipline ourselves to keep social morals and corporate compliances, while respecting each individual's dignity and sound proposals.

Co-working Parties

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Open List of the Government Projects successfully achieved

The aviation industry in Japan requires further integration and development of legal systems, which facilitate new business challenges to catch up with the common activities globally observed. If you are going to challenge the market in Japan with a new business model having issues with government policies, their study or survey and your proposal are the first step to strive for a goal. aBp has printed respective first steps to open the policy related issues by being appointed as a government consultant. The first steps have made our customers' businesses successful as well as our business. Listed hereunder aBp successfully achieved each goal of the government projects which may be open for information.

Y2004-Y2007 Okayama Prefectural Government
"Strategic Planning for maximizing the use of Okayama Airport"
Y2007-Y2008 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
"Promotion of Business Jet Activities in Japan"
Y2008 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
"Research for Planning of the Cargo Facility in Tokyo Airport"
Y2008-Y2009 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
"Study for Building a Legal Framework for Business Jets in Japan"
Y2009 Liberty Democratic Party
"Administrative & Planning Works for Aviation Study Group"
Y2009-Y2010 Hokuriku Regional Development Bureau Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
"Promotion of Niigata Airport"
Y2009-Y2010 Cabinet Office of Japan
"Study for Selecting Next Government Jet"
Y2009-Y2010 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
"Assumption of Business Jet Aircraft Demand"
Y2010-Y2011 Cabinet Secretariat Office “Study for Next Generation of Government Jets”
Y2010-Y2011 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism “Practical Requirements for Business Aviation Activities in Japan”